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I use a program called Winzip for my downloads.  If you do not have it, I suggest you should download it by clicking here.  My username in Docking Station is nornmaster500.  Strange huh?  Click here to add me to your contact book.


August 19- Hey Every Im back! I had a kick ass time but I did miss you guys a lot.  As I promised I will be moving me content to Homestead.  I was thinking and that also may be temporary but it sure beats this place.  Until then, peace out.  Oh and by the way Astro is also back for those of you that didnt know.
June 11- Hey Everyone!  Its great to be back.  Because of recent creatures news, I have decided to keep this website alive.  This not only will be moving to Homestead but will not be re-opened on Homestead till September.  You know two months away because of camp and every thing.  It will take a long time to move everything but I hope to make this website promising when I re-open it.  Click here for more info in the CC forum.
March 26-  Creaturesinc. is closed and Creaturelabs went out of buisness.  What could be worse?  Unfortunatley, I do not really like creatures very much anymore and I never even play the games.  There fore I would like to say unless there is a miracle not to expect anymore updates here ever again.  But dont worry this site isnt closing.  I like the people on JRChat alot and I hope that Lummox JR keeps JR Chat forever.  Everyone in JRChat is like a friend to me and I like to all you guys anyway (expect emails) so dont get the wrong idea.  
March 5- It happened.  No one thought it would.  The creatures community had been at such a lag.  Alot of people were ready to give up hope.  CREATURES INC. IS BACK! WHOOHOO! (LOL ON EVERY THING BEFORE).
March 5- Just a few changes are happening, I moved all the creatures new into the news archives and decided to put all the news in one spot.
February 24- I'm back from vacation.  You know, a week without creatures might have done me some good!
February 13- Dont expect any updates for a week.  I'll be on vacation and the place I am going to has very limited internet access.
February 1- A new article.  It is an interview between me and Sharon of Creaturesinc.  You can also find this at
January 28-  Dominant and recessive genes in creatures? More on the story in the articles section.
January 25- A new Grendel!  A new Norn!
January 21- As you can see I took the site forums out.  No one was using them and they were taking up too much space.  A new norn.
January 20- Four new Norns (three are in the gene pool download) and a new Ettin.
January 19- Whoohoo!  I have one person who wants to join my wolfing run.  His name is Holmes.
January 17- What happened to all the news?  Every month I will clear the news and bring it to the news archives.  To view all old news go to the news archives.
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