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Here is a page where I like to all of the weird things that go on in my game.  Later I will post reviews, interviews and any thing that you want to see.

This interview is between Nornmaster500 and Sharon of Creatures Incorporated.

Nornmaster500: What made you want to make Creatures Incorporated in the first place?
Sharon: After running Sharon's Creature Village for a few years, I just felt like making something new and fresh with a new name and whole new content, plus a whole new site gave me more of a chance to learn some new stuff like css and php, thanks to Rascii for teaching me php.

Nornmaster500: Originally, was this just supposed to be a website small website (like mine) or a big news website like Creatures Caves or Egg Central?
Sharon: I did want it to be a big news site yes, But obviously I'm running the site by myself so it couldn't be updated with news as much as the other big news sites, since I didn't always have the time to go looking for new cc news.

Nornmaster500: Did you have any inspiration for making Creatures Inc? If so, what was it?
Sharon: The only inspiration I had was missing being a part of the CC after SCV had closed, I started getting really bored with just chatting and downloading stuff and having no site to play with. Rascii gave me a lot of inspiration too, his help with php stuff really incouraged me to want a new site with cool php stuff.

Nornmaster500: Do you ever feel that you are at competition with other websites?
Sharon: Nope not really, I know my site dosen't really compare with sites like and EC, they have awsome members areas and cool stuff like messaging, my site is just a tipical site with what I hope is a nice design and lots of stuff to download.

Nornmaster500: Most people were happy with the original Creatures Inc design and may want it back... When will Creatures Inc return, and will it look any different?
Sharon: Yes, Creatures Inc will be back as soon as possible and it will have a whole new look. Hopefully I will be able to get a bit of help with posting news and other stuff so it'll be more upto date with news and other stuff, I will be working on fixing up some php scripts to allow other people besides me to post news stuff on the site.

Genotype showing up in Phenotype?
Posted by Nornmaster500:
In case you dont know, genotype is the genetic makeup of an organism.  YOU CAN NOT SEE IT! Remember that.  You can see phenotype.  Remember that.  If you have ever done breeding experiments (which I do often), you will notice the creatures may have different genus body parts.  According to human genetics, you can only have one type of body part.  You can't have dark skin on your face but under that the rest of your skin is snow white, unless you have a really nice looking tan or you are mutated.  Anyway if you download the eggernator from Clucky at, The High Tech Hand you can make genetic files for your creatures.  You can look at the genetics and say, "Ok, appearence, head, norn breed M, body, grendle breed A, look at the creature and it has all those traits, probably.  There is a chance that this won't happen.  You can do that with humans.  If you looked at the human however they would not have all these different traits but they would be carriers.  This means it could always appear in an offspring put their whole body would have that trait. 
Dominant and recessive genes in DS?
Posted by Nornmaster500: 
The Creatures Series has always celebrated a unique type of game.  I have noticed that there are not to many games that deal with genetics.  Although, the games to not have true genetics.  There is a genetic editor and some is true gentics, such as pigment.  There is herdity in the game but until now I have noticed no traces of dominant and recessive genes which is the last step of herdity.  In case you are wondering, dominant and recessive genes are genes that show up more or less.  For example, black fur in most rodents is dominant to white.  This is what black looks like in a punnet square, BB.  The B's are uppercase because they are dominant.  If you thought white was bb you are correct.  If you dont know what a punnet square is ask your teacher (I don't have room for a punnet square).  Anyway, back to the article.  I crossed a Fallow norn with a Chi-Chi norn using the insemnator.  I expected a dark Chi-Chi or a Fallow with different legs.  Or different genus body parts.  Instead, the norn turned out Fallow with no strings attached!  This will lead me to further experiments with Fallow norns.  Maybe it was the insemnator or maybe the Fallow gene is dominant. 

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