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Nornmaster500's Creatures
Site News

January 16- I may move my website.  Hey admit it.  This website is kind of plain and needs to look more like a creatures site.  I could also use some better developer tools.  If you have a website please send me an email telling me where you get your stuff.
January 14- A new norn.
January 12- The website was revamped!
January 10- A new and improved chat room
January 8- All my creatures are free to post on other websites.
January 7- A new Creatures in love picture, and more stuff for the projects sections.
January 3- Like I promised, ettins are now availible.  A new picture for Creatures In Love!  A projects section.
January 2- Ettins will soon be available.  I also caught an ettin and norn about too kiss! Click Here to see.
January 1- Happy New Year !
December 25- Merry christmas!
December 24- I added a chat feature.
December 22- I added a forums page.
December 18-   I finally have a norn up for download!
December 17- Grand Opening! Please send any questions or comments you may have.