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Nornmaster500's Creatures
Creatures News

Creatures News
February 8- Astro Adoption is back!
January 20- Terra is back and better than ever!  Click here to learn more.
January 19- Edash, yet again has a new game.  It is called Space Rocks.  You are the Shee controlling the ship.  Click here to see.
January 16- Edash has a new game at his website.
January 15- and Egg central are back.  Astrbot has a new genome.
January 13-  What happened to Creaturescave and Egg-central?  I talked to Rascii of  He told me that he and Dan of Egg-central are on the same server.  There are some technical difficulties.  Not to worry!
January 12, 2003-Astrobot revamped his website!  Lots of new stuff and the genome sevice is back!  See his website in the links section.
January 9, 2003- Creatures Caves is finally back.  I talked with Sharon-the owner of Creatures inc., and she said her website will be back in about a week.
January 8, 2003- Astrobot is developing a room, agents and a stronger treehugger breed and needs your help!  Click here to see.
January 6, 2003-  You may have noticed that Creatures Caves is down.  If you thought this you are wrong.  It is experiencing some technical difficulties and probably will be up and running again soon.